Friday, February 14, 2020

10 Ways to Protect from Coronavirus

If You Are Worried About the New Killer Coronavirus, here are 10 Ways To Protect Yourself


Another strain of infection which is spreading across China and different pieces of the world quickly. Everyone is getting stressed over their well being. As it is an exceptional infection. Whose antibody is as yet not accessible on the planet but rather still senior researcher is doing research on it to get medication for this infection. What's more, offer help to individuals around the world.

Lamentably, demise roll has expanding in china as it is spreading quickly. However, there are a few different ways we can shield ourselves from coronavirus.

What is Coronavirus?

All things considered; coronaviruses are a group of infections that are normal that are basic in various types of creatures. Infection is being spread from individual to individual.

The Coronavirus spread through respiratory fumes. At the point when somebody around you hack and sniffles noticeable all around.

Normal Signs:
  • Cough
  •  Fever
  •  Breathing challenges
  •  More extreme cases
  •   Pneumonia
  • Severe intense respiratory disorder
  •   Kidney disappointment


1) Wash hands appropriately:

·       Wash your hands least 20 seconds with cleanser and water.

2) Avoid contacting face:

  • Don't contact your mouth, eyes and nose with unwashed hands.

3) Stay Home:

  •  Keep remaining at home when you are debilitated and feeling not      great.

4) Use Mask:

  • Cover your face and use tissue when you have hack or wheeze and after use toss that tissue in the dustbin.

5) Avoid Contacts:

  Stay away from individuals who are experiencing infection.

6) Clean surfaces:

  • On customary premise clean door handles and different things being used.
  • Keep cleaning all articles which are being used.

7) Personal cleanliness:

  • It is essential to deal with tidiness. Avoid germs.

8) Sanitizer:

  • Use sanitizer when water isn't accessible. It is useful for momentary arrangement however best thing is use a lot of water for washing hands.

9) Avoid voyaging:

  •  Limit your un essential excursion however when it is significant do utilize face veil of good quality.

10) Well cook meat:

  • Do follow legitimate channel while cooking. Furthermore, completely cook meat and eggs.


Most likely china is battling against this executioner coronavirus and attempting its best to encourage its kin and different expats there. Yet at the same time there are numerous things which we need to follow, for example, safeguards w.r.t cleanliness, contacts, voyaging, nourishment and some more.

Thursday, February 13, 2020



New Journey

A. I was happy to start new journey
B. There were many obstacles in my way
A. So, I have started earning money
B. And I have washed all worries away

Life Test

A.   I have seen a very sad Boy.
A.   And my heart was Cry
B. Then he decided to make efforts to do More
 B. Until the destiny of success open the Door

Motherhood: Limericks

Motherhood: Limericks: Once there was a funny Baby He was looking very Happy He was excited about going to school But it was really too much Cool ...


Once there was a funny Baby
He was looking very Happy
He was excited about going to school
But it was really too much Cool
So, he gets sad and fell sleepy

Thursday, January 9, 2020

Facebook Privacy

Facebook Privacy

Most likely data innovation has modified our reality quickly. Long range informal communication sites are getting extremely well known as they are utilized by all age bunches for correspondence. we can without much of a stretch speak with one another, keep in contact and most significant we get data which we need whenever with only a single tick.

Facebook enables individuals to interface with every one over the globe. Facebook was begun in 2003 by a man named Mark Zuckerburg in his school apartment at Harvard University. It started has an informal organization of Harvard understudies then it has extended crosswise over America. Furthermore, today it isn't just confined to understudies just however use by high schooler to moderately aged gathering individuals.

Clients can play out numerous undertakings on Facebook with others in which they make their profile, make companion, share private messages, do remarks and offer pictures on profile page.

Presumably clients of Facebook likewise stress for their protection. Nobody likes to give data about them in somebody's grasp its exceptionally dangerous. Our security is consistently in our very own hands and it is our obligation to hold it.

Well there are a lot of ways you can change Facebook, there are hardly any means which we need to pursue w.r.t Privacy:

For Web:

Just join Facebook then click on tap on right hand side and click on settings.

Here you will click on settings and will get this:

Here you will see on left side Privacy option at 4th number just click on that. As you will click on privacy option Privacy Settings and Tools will be open:

Who can see your future post?

If you want any change just click on Edit button. And you will get this. Just click on tap and you will see Public, Friends and other options. If you want to share with public then select this and if you want this for friends just click on friends.

Limit who can see past posts

Just click on limit past posts and click on friends so only your friends will be able to see your posts.

Who can see the people, pages and lists you follow?
Just click on this and select only me if you do not want to share with others and friends if want to allow others.

How people find and contact you:
Just click on Edit and make changes as you feel secure.

Who can send you friend request?
If you do not want friend request from everyone then just click on Friends of friends.

Who can see your friends list?
If you want to hide your friend list from others just click on this and select only me.

Who can look you up by using Email address you provided?
Here people can find you through your email address. If you want only your Friends find you select Friends.

Who can look you up by using number you provided?
If you want only your friends contact you by using your number select Friends.

Do you want search engine outside of Facebook to link to your profile?
If you want people find your profile on search engine click on Yes if not then click on No.


Two-factor authentication (2-FA), sometimes referred to as two-step verification or dual factor authentication, is a security process in which the user provides two different authentication factors to verify themselves to better protect both the user's credentials and the resources the user can access.

Two-factor authentication provides higher level of assurance as compared to Single-factor authentication in which user usually provide password.

Two-factor authentication is a security feature that helps protect your Facebook account in addition to your password.

By clicking in the top right corner of Facebook and clicking Settings>Security and Login. Scroll down to Use two-factor authentication and click Manage.

Here you will see two-factor authentication just click on Edit and you will get this:

Hazard factor is advanced all over yet you can diminish this which is heavily influenced by you like support of protection and security issues. Similarly, the reason for Two-factor confirmation is to shield your record from digital crooks. Also, make it harder for aggressor to break account get to your information and lessen extortion hazard.

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Child Abuse

Child Abuse


Keep Me Alive

Living and passing cheerful life is the essential right of us all. Regardless of to which cast or country we have a place. Having a decent family is an extraordinary gift for us all. Family incorporate guardians and kin where we appreciate and have a ton of fun together. Prodding younger and playing with colleagues meandering to a great extent absolutely uninformed of the common man stresses. We simply streaming down in the waterway of bliss. Where we can see simply great and cheerful sentiments around us.

In a general public where children are considered as a legend's their girls are likewise not less than princesses for guardians. Girls become exceptional with the time as family believes that one day, they will leave us after marriage. Presumably one day everybody needs to do that it's a custom.

Little girl is an extraordinary gift from ALLAH Almighty and they are help. Be that as it may, just barely any individuals understand this and raise them even teach them very well since they know their significance. Furthermore, they realize our religion is against segregation. Here all are approaches w.r.t their privileges.

Kids are guiltless it’s their entitlement to shield them from mischief, for example, social maltreatment, aggressive behavior at home and others. Try not to ruin their kid hood. Mention to them what is positive or negative for them never feel timid to enlighten them concerning disasters in the general public. Disclose to them how to safeguard themselves. Be their companions so they can share whatever issues they are confronting. Treat them like companions and end the correspondence obstructions before it's past the point of no return.

Kid assaulting is the consuming inquiry now a days.

Why we generally trust that something will occur and afterward we take activities? As a parent it is our duty to secure our youngsters either little girl or child, give them safe condition. Never become visually impaired adherents and enable others to exploit you or your relative. No one can tell who is faithful to you. Keep yourself constrained do great to other people and think constructive for them. After-all as you sow so will you procure. It is the independent obligation of guardians to deal with their youngsters without anyone else rather offering them as a free dish to other people. We hear and watch news on regular routine about the kid assaults why? It is on the grounds that we have gotten heartless. We simply tune in however don't follow up on it. As we can't feel the agony of the person in question or her family. Until and except if we face that by our self.

It is a caution for us all to wake up before it turns out to be past the point of no return and we stay simply with hardly a penny. Never become quiet against brutality. Be join make a move so we can save our little girls and our kids. I have heard and seen scarcely any families who has become the casualty of attacker however in spite of knowing all they very in light of the fact that they are poor and have insufficient capacity to oppose the ground-breaking individual. When this framework will end? What's more, when poor will get equity. Why our kids are undependable even in their own nation.

At the point when some attacker gets captured after certain days, they get bail. Furthermore, start threaten to families again and this procedure proceed for quite a while. Shouldn't something be said about such unfortunate casualty's reality? It is difficult for him/her to overlook that malicious' face and it get imprinted at the forefront of his thoughts for rest of his life. There must be extreme discipline for the attacker so they never consider it. They should be hanged out in the open and chop down their body pieces and consume as well so others will take exercise from that.

Sadly, attackers were not hanged freely that is the reason youngster assaulting is expanding step by step. Attacker must be hanged till' the very end's they ruin the life of kids as well as. Numerous individuals don't report this because of disgraceful act yet I am wonder that why they overlook that it isn't their deficiency so they ought to do answer to safe others little girls from shades of malice.


Guard youngsters ought to be our obligation. Stop child abuse and take actions against all wrongful deeds in society. Give them mindfulness about great and terrible touch. Disclose to them great just as terrible individuals are a piece of society. Train youngsters how to shout out and safeguard themselves at whatever point they face such circumstance. What's more, share with them guardians are the closest companions disclose to them whatever issues they confront or regardless of whether somebody trouble them. Never falter to impart to cherish one.

It's truly tragic thing to realize that youngsters even 3 years to onward undependable now a days. I have busted in to tears and Zainab case has shaken my spirit. In any case, what occur after that all get quiet down no chance to get after Zainab numerous honest kids are turning out to be prey of those shades of malice. If it's not too much trouble solicitation to all pursuers speak more loudly against remorselessness. What's more, safe our girls and kids.

You can spend a lifetime trying to forget a few minutes of your childhood.

Golden memories